Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend ReCap

Friday -

Happy Hour
March Madness @ Rudolps, Liquor Lyles, Mortimers.


Read: Fooled by Randomness - The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and Markets, by Nassim Nicholas. I admit I enjoyed this book for the sheer fact that it makes you look at everything in the world again with a new perspective. Def. will provide material for several blogs in the future.

Watched: I am Legend. The second half of this movie sucked.

Went for a walk.

Picked up a half of winters amount of Cigarettes butts from my yard and smiled that this is the last time I will ever half to do this:) 90 Days:)

Tried a new Restaurant called: Rice Paper: Hated it. I have been too spoiled with Chaing Mai Thai to go back now. But that is the problem when you have only a limited budget for going out. You have to be creative where you go and sometimes it is a bust. Although other people seemed to enjoy it so maybe I was the only person who had crappy service and food, however I will not be going back o find out.

Tailgate for Karaoke.


Drove to Black River Falls WI, Drove back.

Cleaned out my car.

Watched: Micheal Clayton and it was the first George Clooney movie I actually liked since From Dusk till Dawn.


oestrebunny said...

I was very disappointed in 'I Am Legend', it could have been so good.

The only other Clooney films I liked are 'O Brother Where Art Thou' and 'Welcome to Colinwood'.

The rest are pish though.

SARAH said...

oooh, i hated michael clayton! too slow and bo-ring.

Anonymous said...

Drove to WI and back in one day... silly fool!