Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Refreshment

Best Weekend In March happened back on the 8-10th. Yes, I tend to record all the events I do in a day planner. Mainly because I drink and forget...

Yes I know there is still one more weekend left but it will not be as great of a personal victory as this one. The weekend was 3 years in the making. A few of you will be able to read into this an know why :)

Friday Brian's Day of Beautification

- Dentist for Teeth cleaning - Wiped off the grime of 10 years of heavy smoking.
- Haircut @ Spalon (If you go give a shout out to Nicki she is awesome and might be my longest lasting female relationship probably because she only has to see me for a half an hour a month.)
- Tanning @ Goldentan Plus Tiffany was working so I got my brows waxed too.
- Dinner @ Bank
- Drinks @ IKES

Saturday- Fixed two outlets
- Reupholstered four chairs
- Fixed a broken handle on the washing machine
- Filled the bird feeders with some seed so the kitties had something to watch
- Got an estimate on a fence from Midwest
- Worked out
- Read
- Tailgate

Sunday - Homework
- Organized Closets to get ready for a spring Garage Sale
- Paid bills
- Cried (tears of happiness I paid off 6 of my 9 creditors)
- Watch We Own The Night Didn't like it one bit.
- Finished Reading To The Lighthouse by Virgina Woolf. I am not really a fan of Virgina Woolf's writing style but this was def. her best work I have read and I actually enjoyed it.
- Typed this blog
- Opened a bottle of wine
- Drank said bottle of wine.


JLee said...

Wow, that's mighty productive! haha

Rocketstar said...

Congrats, very productive

Muffy Willowbrook said...

I'm intrigued that you have your brows waxed - awesome move for you. More men should do it.

Sad that I have NO idea why March 8 - 10 was such a big weekend for you.....I'll just have to make something up.

Savy said...

Way more productive than my weekend(s)!

Bill From Gainesville said...

That is quite the interactive post right there...I can't help myself but feel a primordial urge to click on the clickies -- this post is Clickilicious! -- And if I paid off SIX of my Creditors in / on one weekend I would probably celebrate MY Ass off... so it has something to do with that ....

Kristi said...

You know that you're getting old when you're excited about trips to the dentists and paying off creditors, when you're taking care of household to-do lists and doing things to please your fuzzy kids.

I admit it, sounds like you had a fabulous weekend full of instant gratification. Those are the best.

Yours Truly said...

Jealous. Very very jealous.

Michelle's Spell said...

Your weekend sounds great! Damn, six out nine creditors -- that's so good. And I'll take your rec on the movie -- it looks a bit on the sucky side despite the excellent title.

Anonymous said...