Sunday, March 16, 2008

St Patrick's Day McGuilt

People who try to make you feel guilty for being selfish are trying to manipulate you into serving their selfish needs. They are in essence using your fear of being called or labeled selfish against you.

Don't let them. It is amazing how free you become when you remove this weapon from your adversaries.

You can sue me, you can put me in jail, you can take what you will from me, but you will never make me feel guilt.

I will never apologize for being my own person, for using my own judgment, acting with my own best interest at heart or surrounding myself with others who think the same way, forming symbiotic relationships where we all gain free of the parasites who bring nothing, instead of one person suffering for another's gain. This is not to say I can not have error of judgment this is to say I will not succumb to an error or be forced into a position based on someone trying to make me feel guilty.

People say that those who are unable to feel guilt for their actions are socio-paths, selfish, evil, the are narcissists who are unable to love anyone but themselves.

This is part of their leverage to get you to do what they want. Take that leverage away.

I don't care how I appear. What scandals are exposed.

I take away your ability to blackmail me into a life of misery, shame, forced remorse, faked regret.

I am selfish. I am also comfortable with myself. I am relaxed and happy:)


oestrebunny said...

Well good for you then :)

I always think that people care too much about what other people think of them and less about what actually makes them happy.

Who cares really? It's only you that misses out because of it.

Kyra Sutra said...

I.... am not. I live life drowning in guilt. I have not yet learned how to get rid of it.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Guilt is a fully animated, complex thing---if you feel it from within then it is a valid indicator that maybe you made a mistake --If you let it come to you externally you may be not fully actualizing yourself...

Tara said...

This is an awesome post. Very well put Brian!

Kali said...

A lot of the time I really think I have no conscience...