Monday, March 31, 2008

POP Fiction and Other Media Diversions

Has anyone seen this?

This show is at once a brilliant feat and my worst nightmare.

I enjoy the fact that we see people playing practical jokes on a celebrity obsessed culture.

But something fundamentally bothers me about tampering with the news. With creating a public deception. I am a big fan of the need for free society to have freedom of the press and integrity of the press. (Not there is much left these days.) But I have an extremely hard time with something that flaunts the manipulation of it.

But on the other hand I like that is shows people how fake\biased\controlled the news really is or at least what we think of as the news. I mean if Ashley can manipulate everything you see or read in Celebrity magazines think of what the Press staff of the White house can do with the rest of the news.

Either way I have a smile on my face and gut rot in my stomach when ever I think of this show and I know it is time to turn off the TV.

What do you think?

Should we be able to manipulate the media?


JLee said...

I only believe half of what I see on the news. They just feed people what they want them to believe and they do! Even though I'm not a huge Michael Moore fan, I appreciate what he tries to do in exposing things, but even he does not always tell the whole story.

Rocketstar said...

What is the name of the show? Is it "POP Fiction and Other Media Diversions "?

Brian in Mpls said...

It is just called pop fiction. It is a newer show by Ashten Kusher (sp)

Kyra Sutra said...

When it comes to Paparrazzo.... yes. They have nothing informative to tell us and they have gotten out of control. Fuck em'.

EC said...

I saw it, and although funny, I think there are going to be those that truly don't get it is a joke. I don't know, some people need to take themselves less seriously though, lol.