Friday, March 21, 2008

What They Are Really Saying #45642

When people say, "All they did was talk about themselves."

What they are saying is that their own selfish need for validation was not met. They want the person talking to subjugate their selfish intention to the listeners selfish intention of talking about themselves. This is a good sign that you don't have enough in common and could not find the necessary middle ground of shared interest.

When there is not good conversational give and take it is a great sign to bail. If you like one-sided relationships you are definitely not someone I would like to hang out with.

People often say be quiet and let the other person do all of the talking. Fuck that. Why would I waste my whole night listening to your boring ass dribble on and on? I think people, guys especially, keep their mouths shut if their is a chance for sex at the end of it. The problem with this the sex with these people is usually one sided too... think know I am right.

I would rather have the give and take with someone on my level then waste one minute pretending it is already there...


Savy said...

I did an experiment about 11 years ago where I figured out that people only really want to talk about themselves and don't really CARE about what is going on with you. So, as an experiment I decided to not ever talk about myself, my problems, my anythings, and see what happened.

She still thinks I am one of her BEST friend's ever, she keep up almost all the contact, and only recently (remember 11 years later) said "You know... you like never talk about what's going on with you!"

*sigh* I gave up on people a while ago. ;)

Rocketstar said...

You are right about not talking to ensure or create a better chnace for sex. Self absorbed people are sad.

Brian in Mpls said...

Savy...I think I gave up on people about then too;)

Rocket: I know I am sad 20 More days

Anonymous said...

I constantly talk.. its not always about me! Its about anything and everything that I have an opinion on.

Wanna get together?

Brian in Mpls said...

We should honestly grab a drink sometime.

Fig said...

I had a "friend" like this... it was always about her and as soon as she was finished telling you her tale of woe, she would move on to the next person so she could tell as many people as possible. I did the same thing Savy did and just stopped talking about myself... but I couldn't take it. Couldn't keep listening to her complaints... so I ended our friendship.

Now she stalks me.

I'm so tired of needy insane people. I attract them like a fly strip.

Max Morland said...

I went out with a girl once who talked all night about her passion for liberalism and social justice. That was all she talked about. She couldn't figure out why she was having such a hard time getting 2nd dates.

cher said...

i forget what this post was about actually, because i was going to say something really great that just happened to me..
i just remembered how totally awesome i am. how could i have forgotten this all day? wow. weird.

cher said...

oh, and dude, what's the deal with the pop up window clicky thing? i'm kinda scared of it to tell you the truth.

oh, that reminds me of this one really crazy time i was scared... man. i have so many interesting stories about myself, i think i'm going to go tell myself some of them. i love hearing them too.