Thursday, May 07, 2009

Birth Control for Men

I hate it when women bitch about having to take birth control like it is some huge sexist conspiracy.

It is just easier chemically for women's birth control then it is for men, sexism has nothing to do with it.

It is just easier to block or confuse one egg a month then it is to block or confuse 3-10 million sperm a day.


Rocketstar said...

And afterall, would women REALLY want men to be in control of THEIR birth control? I mean they are the ones that get pregnant. If I were them, i woudl want 100% control of the birth control.

PurestGreen said...

We bitch because birth control messes with our hormones, often causing weight gain, loss of sex drive, higher risk of blood clots and other health problems, etc. We bitch because of the risk if the birth control fails, because it is our bodies being affected, our choices to make.

Why don't more men who don't want children just get "snipped"? That is much, much easier than a woman getting her tubes tied.

You hate it when women bitch about birth control. I hate it when men just don't get that it isn't as easy as taking a little pill or having some tiny copper thing jammed into one's uterus.

Proud to be bitchy,

Emily said...

If I were a man I think I'd want a version of the pill just so I could have a bit of control over the situation.

Some women are known to be crazy and less than upfront about their birth control situation.

Brian in Mpls said...

I think the difference is snipping is permante for the people who don't want kids ever but what about the people who just don't want kids now?

Jenn'fer said...

I agree with Sophia! Now that I am hitched to a man who has been snipped - I don't have to think about stopping fertilization every single day. Thinking every night before bed (or whenever), take the pill, take the pill, or else you will be faced with a bad situation! And please, don't argue that it's just like taking blood pressure medication, or a vitamin. Miss one pill, and you have a life in the balance - actually more than one! And Emily's also has a good point - don't men want to be sure that they aren't having unprotected sex? Nearly 18 years ago, my (now) husband was the victim of one of these hoaxes "Oh, I can't get pregnant, the doctors tell me so!"...uh-huh, sure.... Scott loves his "miracle daughter", but he knows now it's really up to him to make sure (hence the snipping!)

Ma said...

birthcontrol sucks me no likey birthcontrol

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