Monday, May 04, 2009

Weekend ReCap


Not a whole lot did some chores, played with the Puppy.


Cleaned out the air conditioner.

Put up a temporary door.

Helped a friend mount a flat screen TV

Through-out my back...bitched

Had a puppy play date and drank till I stopped bitching.

Watched the Derby on TV...sorry guys Cantabury wasn't in the cards this year.

Went to Tailgate.

Went to Ikes

Passed out.


Sat outside all day and caught up on some reading and research papers.

Went to Cafe Ena for dinner....thought it was pretty good although their Sangria doesn't come close to our homemade stuff:)


Rocketstar said...

Throwing out the back, not good old man ;o)

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Love Cafe Ena...although I've never had their sangria - the rest is pretty freaking awesome.

sorry about the back.

Far said...

yum sangria!!

Sornie said...

A temporary door? Now you have piqued my curiosity.