Friday, May 29, 2009

Pub Crawl Attempts That Never Quite Got Off the Ground

The Blindfolded Bar Hop

You guessed it everyone is blindfolded and drunk stumbling from bar to bar running into people, spilling and ultimately getting into a fight or hit by a car. Not a pretty scene.

The Laces Out Liquor Limp

Now this sound like a fun time until you realize you have signed up and not thought this all the way through. The concept is you have a team of four people. Every person has their shoes tied to the person next to them. All four people form a chain of tied shoes. Then teams of four race from bar to bar having a descending drinking contest.
For Example -

Starting Line - Shot of Tequila...then you are off....

First bar = Shot of whiskey and a full glass of water
Second Bar = Shot of Vodka and a full glass of water
Third Bar = Shot of Malibu and a full glass of water
Four Bar = You call it mix drink and a full glass of water
Fifth Bar = Pitcher of Beer and a full glass of water
Six Bar = Pint of beer and a full glass of water

First team where all four people drink the said drinks at each bar wins.

Why the water you ask? Did I mention the teams have to be co-ed.

This makes the full blatter problem of four people tied together in downtown Minneapolis a little more exciting, not to mention it is hard as shit to be drunk and tied to a drunk person next to you.

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