Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Murder Suicide as a Financial Planning Tool

It seems like you can't open a paper these days without reading about some financially stressed out parent murdering their whole family and then murdering themselves.

This fascinates me to know end for some reason probably because I know that feeling when all else just seems so hopeless, what it feels like to disappoint someone you love and be seen as a failure in their eyes.

There is nothing more heartbreaking then not being able to fulfill the needs of someone you love.

I just don't see the need to take the rest of the people with you though?

I mean if these people just kill themselves don't their families get social security checks at the level of income they had before?

i know kind of a morbid way to get a government pension but I wonder if they ever thought about it?

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Rocketstar said...

It is a horrible act, leave the family alone. Will they have huge emotional scars, of course but they may be able to overcome those ills and be happy human beings.

This is our only shot at living.

They would get social security at the level that the person has earned at that point. Like when you get your yearly statement from Social Security office, I think that is what they would get.