Thursday, May 14, 2009

Euphemism #58741 - Crate aka Kennel

I wonder how many dog owners would opt out of "crate" training if it was called "cage" training? One just seems more humane then the other. Just a thought.

PS Cage training is working really well.


JLee said...

"cage" just sounds more "cage fighting" Imagine "crate fighting" ha

Rocketstar said...

Agree, cage training is good.

BORGHY said...

Cage training is very good! If I tried not to do it when Capo was a puppy he would have been at the vet getting things removed from his stomach weekly. It's for their own good!
Capo is now 3 and doesnt go in the crate any more unless he is staying with my parents. He doesnt mind it at all though.