Saturday, May 09, 2009

Some Garlic...Maybe Some Cloves

Sitting here looking at a wet spot on my carpet left .00023 seconds after the puppy just came inside has me wondering what kind of sausage I could make him into? Maybe something spicy? I think he is still small enough to fit into my grinder without too much extra prep?

I am joking of course but the thought did cross my

We are three weeks into it though and he is really good. Starting to get used to his leash, sitting on command, starting to get the concept of come and running to the door when he has to go outside. He has only had two accidents in the last four days which is really good and so far he hasn't chewed anything beyond repair. He is still waking up once through-out the night to go to the bathroom around 4:00am but I can live with that. It is pretty cool though I think I like him more then I thought I would:)


Rocketstar said...

I feel your pain, damn puppies. It is gettingn better but still pisses me off.

Emily said...

We are coming soon to see that little nugget!

Superwoman said...

I think puppies are mostly a love/hate relationships. Then as they get older, there gets to be more love than hate, haha.

Good luck, he's still very very adorable I'm sure.