Thursday, December 06, 2007

Blessing is a Disguise...

Slaves Are Made in Such Ways

I am always very conscience of people who use the term bless or blessing. I find that it is usually associated with a either a slave induced mentality or an enslaver mentality. Used as a hallmark or red flag of the vanquished and the vanquishers.

A sign of defeat, transference of power.

For someone to bless someone there is a precondition of power had over another. The simple colloquial statement bless you raises the blesser above the blessed this act of domination over each other is usually replied to with a hearty thank-you.

Or think about the use of something along the lines of Count your blessings. I.e Don't think about how bad your life is or you might revolt or change something. It is saying be happy with your state or that too will be taken from you. It induces guilt lowers standards, controls your outcome to a lower denominator. It is the opposite of seeking your manifest destiny.

They say children are a blessing instead of a burden. I always had a tough time with this one, why can't children be thought of as a burden? Doesn't it allow greater vindication and praise for the parents who often struggle against all odds to keep them going? Doesn't it praise their sacrifice to call them a burden instead? Calling them a blessing seems to take away distinction, dishonor in a way the people who are truly struggling noble parents. How is one to talk realistically about something they are supposed to view as a privilege? Does calling them a blessing hinder them for reaching out for help when it is needed?

I am not completely naive I know that life is a balance between equals, subjugation and domination, but at least with me I am honest about it and don't dress it over.


Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Brian,

This is an interesting one -- although being religious myself, I find myself staying away from a lot of the language. I HATE it when someone says everything happens for a reason. That drives me out of my mind. And I've been corrected by people when I refer to luck -- that's a blessing, people will say. But the way I see it, luck is a force that God gives the world as well so it's just quibbling over semantics. As for children, most are demons from hell and I for one don't have any desire to coo over their vile little heads, blessed or not!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

I admire your conviction.

Ma said...

alls I have to say is you've ruined my "holiday" mailing.... being that "Blessed" is one of the main words I used and they're going out in the mail today.... damn it! Just for that I'm going to add you to my mailing list.... haha
Blessed Be and So Be It!!!!
(ps word choice really has no true meaning - it's all really based on perception, knowledge etc etc... a word is just a word at the end of the day)

Erik Donald France said...

You must have loved Mitt Romney's declaration that "Freedom *requires* Religion." WTF????????????

the108 said...

As a minister ordained by God, I feel qualified to bless things and do so on a daily basis.

Except for my kids.

Rocketstar said...

Bless you my child. ;o)

Valley Girl said...


Brian in Mpls said...

I know that is why Mitt is in my top ten list of things that scare