Wednesday, December 26, 2007

BNN Special Report 5:15- 5:18

Wrote this on a napkin before I left out of town...hope everybody had a good holiday I am going to go sweat out the shakes I got going on...

5:15 - 5:18 12/19/207 Minneapolis MN 55417 Tailgate

1.) A man in a tan carhart jacket and a supposed gang banger are fighting an unannounced war on the touch tunes machine. Taking turns supplanting each others music preferences with their own. Currently the carhart man is basking us all in Johnny Cash's Cocaine Blues while the gang banger is shooting him annoyed glances.

2.) A man to my right is alternating looking at his drink, checking his watch and eying his billfold. It is obviously he has been here for a while and is worried about covering his tab. I know the feeling and am probably doing similar motions.

3.) My vodka red bull is almost gone and I am losing on Buzz time Trivia to someone named FLY

4.) The Christmas decorations of lights and tinsel on the windows mask an underlying sense of depression that is almost visible.

5.) The song has changed over to something about getting low low it goes


Mags said...

Oh...#4. I know the feeling. Luckily my last point on today's randomivity post is true...

the108 said...

I can't even IMAGINE what you may have planned for New Years :-)