Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hard Core Chart #2571 - Smoking

There is a hierarchy of hard core when it comes to smoking I have ranked the following brands in order of hard core...

1.) Pall Mall, Lucky Strike...( Filter less) Rolled cigarettes even though they are filter less are not included here.

2.) Marlboro Reds

3.) Camel Full Flavor

4.)Any light cigarettes

5.) Menthol's (If you need it to taste like mint you are not that hard core)

6.) Virgina slims

(I am conflicted about Old Golds, GPC and Vantage brands because I know some hard core mother fuckers who toke these so if you smoke these it is up to you to make them hardcore.)


the108 said...

So, you never quit then?

Rocketstar said...

Brian quits every few months ;o)

Being cash strapped, you should quit for good this time hombre

Ma said...

I beg to differ - Newport hundos are hardcore as all hell - especially when you think of the hardcore damage they do to your lungs! (ps if I see a cig dangling out of your mouth at your birthday party I'm gonna have to whoop you!!!)

Thomas said...

This is great, Brian. My New Year's resolutions for '8 include taking up smoking.

SARAH said...

hahaha, thomas!

Mags said...

So, yeah. I have no idea about this subject, but I can tell you that I ate lunch with a boy today who looks just like you. And though I've never heard your voice or seen your mannerisms, it was freaky.

I don't even remember his name b/c he was just Brian to me. :)