Monday, December 10, 2007

This Weekend

What did I do this weekend?

1.) Read Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

2.) Rewired 3 Outlets and installed a new GFI Outlet

3.) Went to a Charity Art Auction and consumed enough free wine to make an ass out of myself.

4.) Watched Superbad.

5.) Worked out.

6.) Checked out the Red Stag. It was ok, probably more a place I would bring my mom for dinner. Service was not up to par.

7.) Had a Rocket at Tugs

8.) Stopped into Tailgate for 2 for 1's

9.) Made homemade pizza, Watched the Packers and Vikings games.

Those are the highlights folks... How does a typical weekday for Brian in Minneapolis go?

Weekday M-Th

Wake up
Make Coffee
Get Ready
Read - WSJ, Star Tribune, and
Post a blog
Listen to MPR on the way to work while smoking two Parliament lights
Lunch smoke two Parliament lights
Read for an hour
Go to class
Leave class smoke two Parliament lights
Have a drink
Go to bed

I know pretty boring huh....


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Juno doesn't open here until next week, dammit! Very disappointed.

You made homemade pizza? Impressive!

EC said...

Damn, you do more in a weekend then I do all week!!

Rocketstar said...

What is a "Rocket" ?

Thomas said...

"Superbad" was my favorite movie of the year. I went to it 3 times. sure...