Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Weekend Sound Bites

Person One: Do you have any redbull?
Brianinmpls: I have a ton of bull but I am running low on red, can I get you something else?

Bartender: Last call
Brianinmpls: *Hell yeah!* I can't believe it is two am and I am still standing. I am fucking rock star!! (I am sure this was pretty slurred)
Bartender: Brian it is 7:45 we are closing early for the holiday..
Brianinmpls: Oh shit

Brianinmpls: Can you imagine the fucking balls I have wearing white underwear after two days of drinking like this and eating a cheese pizza?
Everyone: *Silence*

Brianinmpls: Days like this I wish my car seat was a port-a-potty and my car ran on feces.
Everyone: *Silence*

Hot Lady: I love this song. (Bing Crosby - Baby It's Cold Outside) It is so romantic the effort, the style the seduction of getting her to stay.
Brianinmpls: I want to write the second part of this song its called, "Thanks for the fuck now get out."


Muffy Willowbrook said...

took me a minute on the white under comment, but I finally got it. And....eww.

the108 said...

You crack me up...LOL. What would I do without you???

Ma said...

I love the "Everyone: *Silence*" parts.... hehehe

Rocketstar said...

Join me on the wagon for the month of January, just to check to see who is in control. ;o)