Monday, December 17, 2007

This Weekend

Read: A Brave New World by Aldous Huxlely - Wasn't impressed I liked the concepts of the book but the execution was poor and there were definitely some problems and issues. The argument that God was part of the individual desire of an independent man made me sick.

Went to a few holiday parties and made the rounds on Friday night, Stella's, Miami, Tailgate.

Watched: Sicko and while I am always sceptical of Micheal Moore I love how he raises an argument and the level of discussion in this country. I think it is something every American should go and see. I spent the better part of the afternoon researching some of his claims and this argument is pretty solid at least much more so then Fahrenheit 9/11

Did a shit ton of homework.

Watched the Packers route the Rams:)


Simply Jolene said...

I still love the rams thanks :)

Rocketstar said...

Sicko was very good, I agree. Why we are the only Western civilized country without universal healthcare is ridiculous.

Michelle's Spell said...

I need to see Sicko. I kind of have to love Michael Moore, being a Detroiter and all. Still think Roger and Me is a masterpiece.

the108 said...

I actually watched SiCKO as well and it has prompted Dean and I to discuss moving to France.

Our country needs so much work but I doubt we'll see it in our lifetime. I'd rather just leave than sit and wait.

*Ren* said...

You went to Miami,hmm. I loved Sicko. In fact I can proudly say it was the only movie I went to in the theatre in 2007!

Seriously Brian what is up with you and the packers. I just can't post comments on hearing if you are a fan!