Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Experiment #2563251 Crying Under Water

In a rather somber mood I decided to test the following theory

"Can a person cry underwater?"

Filling up the bath tub with as much self pity and water as it would hold, I proceeded to dunk my head under and observe if in fact I was still crying.
(When you are 6'3" in a conventional tub this is not an easy task)

I observed the following.

1.) My body shifted from sorrow to survival as soon as I started to hold my breath under water.
So I could not notice any convulsions that usually accompany sobbing.

2.) I could not feel any tears since I was all wet duh...

Maybe I wasn't crying hard enough? I decided to repeat with the trusty aid of an onion and observed the same thing.

They say that you can cry underwater....but how do they know?

If the pressure stops the tears from coming then you are not crying you are just sad..and being sad is different then crying.

Result: Inconclusive


Rocketstar said...

Thnaks, now I won't be able to sleep at night ;o)

Simply Jolene said...

nexted time I get my heartbroken, maybe I will try this so I can get over it faster...or at least stop cryin.

the108 said...

You're 6'3"? Let's have sex.

Ma said...

don't be sad - it's only 30.... maybe you can try the experiment over again at 40 or even 50 and have better luck!! I am getting so excited for your big party - I haven't had a night out in about a month now so thanks for giving me a reason to celebrate - but please don't cry when I punch you for smoking!!!

EC said...

Awww,poor Brian :( (((HUGS))))

Mitchie said...

Not a good time of year to be wallowing (ha) or crusading for intentional depressive activity. Put down the Sylvia Plath for your own sake.

Also: "being sad is different than crying." quite so. Self-induced catharsis, however? you may have a point there.

Side note: excessive alcohol intake also known to trigger tears, should the onion trick not be so convenient.

*Ren* said...

Next time just cry in the shower

Anonymous said...

Next time I'm crying so hard I will just try and drown myself. Not sure which one is worse... crying or dying.

Anonymous said...

ren has a serious point, I bawled in the shower myself just last week and I felt clean and refreshed when done. Hmmm, why you freaking? Is it the big 3-0? I mean mine is only 2 days before yours and here I am ECSTATIC about the decade ahead cause hell, the last 3 have been somewhat ruthless, no?

Anonymous said...


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