Saturday, February 02, 2008

Creation vs. Imitation

Misplaced Correlation

Don't get me wrong guitar hero is a fantastically fun game. However there is a huge difference between a person who can copy and a person who can create.

This is also present at every Karaoke bar.

A person who can mimic the movements and melodies and the person who can create them in their mind and place them in the world are two opposite ends of the spectrum.

Just because you rock at playing Black Sabbath on Guitar Hero doesn't mean you are Ozzy Osborne...

Just think for as fried as he is, he is still the creator and you are his imitator.

What if you became the creator today?
What would you make?
What would give the world?

I would rather hear the awful song of a beginner, the beautiful sound of originality. Rather then the polished hissing of legions of copycats...


Lucidiocy said...

Originality... now that's nigh impossible.

Rocketstar said...

I have only seen guiter hero once, I'll take Ratchet and Clank any day.

the108 said...

I love making music with Dean. I'll have to post our new song later in response to your question :-)