Monday, February 18, 2008

A Word on Sexual Liberation

Sexual liberation is not your ability to shag a complete stranger.

It is not the ability to have multiple partners at the same time.

It is not the knowing of what a carrot, bowling pin, insert any object here, feels like inside your body.

It is not that escapade in the dressing room, your car, your office.

It has nothing to do with candle wax, blind folds, hand cuff or car batteries.

The experience that we grin to ourselves about in private or in the recess of our minds has nothing to do with liberation.

Liberation comes when we accept, seek and fulfill pleasure without the feeling of guilt.

When we are comfortable enough to own ourselves and our desires, what ever they may be, without shame or a moments thought of anyone else....

Only then can you speak of being sexually liberated.


the108 said...

Are YOU sexually liberated? I am sexually adventurous but I'm not so much liberated anymore because I gained weight and feel weird sort of. Back when I was skinny, I felt very free.

Rocketstar said...

Here here.

Reggie said...

Unfortunately, this type liberation doesn't exist in this country...and I doubt it ever will. We still have to tie ourselves to one partner, it is generally unacceptable to discuss it freely, and we must keep it to the bedroom with the curtains drawn and the sheets pulled to our chins...

That's not the way it is in my house, but I'm just sayin'.

Ribonuff said...

I get my liberation in my dreams