Friday, October 24, 2008

Closer Look @ Werewolves

The full moon has the effect of pulling hair through your skin and pulling down your canine teeth and enhancing all of your senses. Just like a full moon effects the tie cycle a little different. But then what about a half moon? Does it just make peoples who are werewolves bushes just really hairy? just kind of effects them a little?

Arguing about this a friend said no it is like a lock it only opens if all the combinations of numbers are aligned.

But doesn't a lock give a little even if you only have three of the four digits? Maybe just additional stubble?

Do werewolves have to shave? Do the hair follicles recede in the morning? only to come back stronger at night as the moon waxes and wanes?

How come their hair on their head never grows in proportion to the rest of their hair growth? Shouldn't all werewolves have mullets?

The myth about the full moon. The truth is these stories were passed down because throughout history people were more active on full moons since before the advent of light and lanterns etc. You were kind of SOL at night time. The full moon enabled people to see better at night. To hunt. To pillage and invade etc. So my guess is the full moon used to hold a lot of anxiety for people since troop movements or robbery etc could only be carried out for a limited time at night during the entire month.


houstonmacbro said...

Interesting thoughts. I tend to like nights with a full moon, but tend to also like moonless nights because I can see more of the stars.

SS+1 said...

That's a fairly logical explanation. I'd like to think they were afraid of the full moon before lights were invented because the women would be able to see how hairy their husbands were when they were get'n it on. Bow-chica-bow ;)

Rocketstar said...

The werewolf needs the full moon.

scargosun said...

I love full moons. I don't understand when people don't get that it can affect people in an odd way. Our bodies are mostly water. The moon affects the largest bodies of water on the planet...why not us?

Kristi said...

So Brian, have I told you lately that I heart you?

Sarah said...

OK, so my brother is not a werewolf, but when he was very young, his behavior would always change around a full moon. he became more of a handful than usual. true story.