Friday, October 10, 2008

TV Looking Back at Me

Ever notice how no one in any of the TV shows you watch ever watches TV in the show?

We love this TV less world so much we watch an average of four hours of it a day.

I wonder if people will ever realize that if they simply turned off that switch they have the power to be their own show.

Imagine if the TV showed you and the reality show crew or sitcom cast watched you...would they be excited? Must see TV?

Imagine if people on the show you watched just watched TV. Would you still tune in?
It would be like looking into a hall of mirrors where the same sad image was repeated in smaller and smaller proportions to infinity.

Those conversations you watch, the drama, the love, the excitement it is already right there for you.

All that it requires is that you get up off the couch and change the you.


Coconut said...

That;s why they never put a TV in the Real World house.

houstonmacbro said...

If you get Univision, try some of the telenovelas. They are like American soap operas, but they usually run for only a few months each. Drama!

They never watch television, or have real jobs apparently, but live in fabulous mansions and some even have servants.

Makes my dreary life pale in comparison. Who'd want to see my life? No one ... it would be a tear-jerker for sure.


Mags said...

Good point B-I love this post. I'm going to use the last sentence as my sidebar quote next week. :)

Rocketstar said...

Nobody would watch my show. I would certainly watch your though.

Ma said...

I don't have a tv yet... and it feels pretty good -

houstonmacbro said...

No television ...? That is ... unwholesome.


my name is Amanda said...

Good point, although there's only so much of the Me Channel I can take. After all, I blog.

...Having is blog is like having your own channel. ;)

What I do hate on TV and in movies, is how people are always ordering food, and being served food, and having discussions at dinner, but THEY ARE NEVER EATING THE FOOD! There's no good reason why this should annoy me so much, but it sure does.

Sarah said...

i have gotten really bad about the amount of TV i watch. like sloth-bad. ugh. the shame.

houstonmacbro said...

It's the illusion of eating. That's how they stay so thin on television.

JLee said...

Good point. I wonder what I would do with myself without a tv and a computer sometimes. Sad, really...haha

Anonymous said...

There are actually a lot of shows that have TV in them. Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Guy, South Park, Roseanne, Married with Children, Friends. It's really that sitcom-style that uses it, because the humor is based on reality. It's really only dramas and mysteries that don't have at least some part of the season where they watch something on the TV, and the purpose of that is because watching TV can be funny, but rarely is it alarming or pivotal in the plot.