Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend ReCap


Read: Women by Charles Bukowski - This has been sitting on my recommendation list for a long time. Normally I hate reading stuff that people say fits me to a T because then I get pissed realizing that my self delusion has been shattered by what an asshole people think I am. However I really liked this one and saw the exact four places in this book where you thought of me....and let me guess you are Bobby? Prick. It was a good book though and I ordered Factotum too.

Drove to Wisconsin.

Not only did I fall of the wagon I was dragged by it for several miles:)


Badger Game - Cocktails Grims, Doggers, Hide-a-Way.


Drove home thought about raking but took a nap instead.


terri said...

It's Sunday right now. And it's 8 am. And you've already napped? Must have been some weekend!

JLee said...

I've heard a lot about that book. So you would recommend it, eh?

Brian in Mpls said...

Terri - Sorry I should have put that this was a pro-forma blog. I was so drunk and tired on Saturday I knew there was not a thing I was going to do on Sunday to save my

JLee - It was fairly pornographic and dark and I could see a man enjoying it much more then a woman but then they could fill volumes about what I don't know about women so the best I could give you is maybe?

Mags said...

I was confused as well about the timing of this post. But I thought you were just being pro-active. ;)