Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dream Job

So I went home for lunch and as I was sitting out sit with the dog eating some lunch. I noticed a crew cab pull up on the corner a guy got out and lit up a smoke and walked at a nice leisurely pace up and down the street looking up at the trees. When he walked by me I noticed the back of his shirt said tree inspector.

He walked nice and slowly back to his crew cab got a can of orange spray paint and made a ring around a tree. Got back in his truck and read for a bit and then went on down the street to do it all over again.

I thought that was awesome. I always assumed you had to take a sample, test them and that some advanced biology degree was required to be tree inspector but I guess not.

He seemed totally at peace. Plus I bet he gets a little cash on the side from the crew that comes to cut them down for marking a few extra ones.

I wonder if he could bring his dog along with him if he wanted to?

This definitely is something worth looking into.

I thought about getting a can of orange spray paint and practicing putting rings around all of the trees in out neighborhood but somehow I think the neighbors would get kind of pissed. Maybe I will put an orange ring around their cars and see if someone comes and cuts them in half?

I wonder if I sell tee shirts with an orange ring around them if someone would buy them. There has to be some kind of political statement in that?

If I ever go into hospice care I am going to wear a tee-shirt with an orange stripe around it.


Sornie said...

I see so many people doing jobs like that and I get jealous. Spray paint, outdoors, easy.

Rocketstar said...

But you can't see his paycheck.