Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Persistence is the Secret

The wildly popular book The Secret is a sugar coated fallacy that over looked by the reader.

For example the logic goes that if you believe, visualize and have a positive attitude that you are going to win the lottery you increase your chance of winning the lottery. Or for example if you do the same thing about your career prospects and money you will eventually get the outcome you want through the magic of universal good will. While this statement is technically true it is not true for the reason stated.

The more times you play the lottery the greater your chances of winning become.

The more interviews you go on the greater your chances of being hired and so on.

It is a mathematical outcome based on number of attempts divided by the number of possible outcomes. The more attempts the greater the chance of a chosen outcome.

While someone might say that a person with a positive attitude will take more attempts, so it is a positive attitude that equals success, is missing the underlying logic and misleading the reader.

While that statement might be seem plausible. A person with a cynical attitude that take the same number of attempts will in general get the same outcome as a universally open person.

If you want to teach someone how to succeed you should be telling them that persistence is the key to success.

But I suppose that a book that only has one sentence that says try, try, try again is probably not going to sell many copies, but in my opinion it beats sitting around thinking good thoughts alone are going to change anything.

My book called Brians Secret > Try > Modify > Repeat>

Try, learn from what went wrong, make adjustments, try again. I am going to start having seminars around the country charging $1000.00 per day but you got it right here first for free.


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Excellent takedown, Brian. Thanks for posting.

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Thanks for the freebie Biz!

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