Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Positive Five

Five positive things I did this week to help my future get a little brighter.

1.) Upped my 401k 1%

2.) Opened a savings account - granted it will be very small using the current amounts I can tuck away but I figure you have to start some where.

3.) Paid a past due speeding ticket. (Last thing I need is more trouble with the law in the form of bench warrants.)

4.) Set my saving account to work as over draft protection.

5.) Registered for my next round of MBA classes starting in August.


Rocketstar said...

Your education drive is awesome man.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Saving creates peace of mind, but it takes a while till it can help

Sundar said...

Make sure you're not obsessed with saving - just make it a habit.

Kristi said...

I finally took care of my old speeding tickets. They don't arrest you, even if you're pulled over again....which I have been. I don't think in the last five years I haven't had an outstanding ticket of some sort....and every time (because it's always something) I'm pulled over they never say anything about the outstanding stuff. I'm a slacker, I know, lol.