Wednesday, July 08, 2009

For Everyone Who Loves Minnesota

For everyone who loves Minnesota here is a book you have to check out.

Susan Marks has done an incredible job of assembling some remarkable photos of our great state. It is a time capsule reminding us of the beautiful past that leads up to the remarkable present of our great state.

Some of my personal highlights are the reminder that the now abandon Armory building used to house the Minnesota Lakers that's right the Minnesota Lakers...before they changed locations we should have made them change the name but that is neither here nor there.

There is some awesome vintage photos of the lakes, the Orpheum, the state fair, the capital and the Met where I went to my first hockey game, but mostly I just love the pictures of all of the people who walked these streets before me and give Minnesota and Minneapolis that vibe that I just love.

So if this is your thing then this is your book check out Historic Photos of Minnesota by Susan Marks.


Emily said...

That sounds cool - I'm glad I finally learned what the armory building was since I look at it every day :)

Our Wildest Dreams said...

Hey Brian in Mpls-

Thanks for the nice review. Very cool of you. I hope you can make it to Garrison's store tonight for our chat about MN history!

Thanks again!