Thursday, July 16, 2009


I was sitting at the counter and I was asked my birth date as I have been millions of times in my life...and I drew a blank!! I had to think about it really hard for a second and then I remembered as I was going to get my wallet out. Fried....I guess.

Here are a few firsts that I do remember..

1st time someone told me I should be wearing deodorant - Music class: Field Elementary School: Grade 4: We were doing this African Dance thing that is kind of like jump rope where two people click long poles together and one dances in the middle. Well I must have been been one dancing fool because after the class the music teacher pulled me aside and told me to invest in deodorant. That's right up until the next morning when I stole some from IGA I was the stinky kid and didn't even know it.

1st time taking a shower - Grandmas house 4th grade also: Up until I went to live with my grandma we only had a tub in our house so I had never showered. Anytime you wanted to get clean you took a bath, probably contributed to me being the stinky kid. I got super dirty doing something and when I came in the shower was running and my grandma told me to get in. I can remember her shutting the door getting undressed and looking at the shower running for quite some time before I manage to get in and when I did I thought it was the most fantastic thing in the world. I have never taken a bath since.

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Rocketstar said...

Sometimes that hard drive just can't find the right file, a brain blue screen.