Wednesday, July 15, 2009

String Theory

The distance across the cosmos is the space between my ears.

My Name Is Brian Johnson

I am a string theory
A worm hole that bridges the past to the future
I am a culmination of time past that never ceases
I am potential for time not yet realized that is expanding and contracting at the same time
I am further down the hole then when I started typing this
Yet I am bring more substance
I am multidimentional
I am the unified theory
I just didn't know it until now

There are people who won't understand these words
But don't worry

My mind is the string
Just like yours is...


Rocketstar said...

Very nice

Jenn'fer said...

Me likey Biz.... you must have had your java this AM!

Stacy said...

oh snap.

Sundar said...

You sure your java wasn't spiked??

Charlotte said...

I like the first paragraph.

Ma said...

yummy writings
I'm still waiting for my books
I vaguely remember something about March, but it's July now... hmmmm
do you need my address again?