Thursday, July 30, 2009

It All Comes Down to This Moment

Tonight: 6:50 PM
Location: Basset Creek Vally Park - North Minneapolis - Field Number 3
What: First Round of Post Season Kickball

Who: Redballs are Better then Blue Balls ((Us) 5-1)) vs Kick Ballers ((Them 3-3))(They are on a stronger strengh of season then us)

Lets get at um boys and's kick ball time.

Repersenting for Cuzzy's w/ Drinks afterwards.

Holla @ your boy #9 Bizzio Von Rippensnatch


Jenn'fer said...

Good Luck! I expect to see the trophy on your desk someday!

Brian in Mpls said...

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner our first game we ten run ruled the other team came in the play offs... how awesome is that?

Jenn'fer said...

That's more awesome than... uh... losing? Just kidding! I know that park - not to far from me casa... do you have groupies that cheer you on?