Thursday, July 02, 2009


I am a member of the following rewards clubs for all of you who are interested.

Super America Speedy Rewards - This one is a no brainier you have to get gas why not get a little something back for it now and again.

Roundys Rewards - Hey what can I say I am a Rainbow Foods shopper and you have to eat. 10 for 10 and some free gas you have to be kidding me.

Borders Rewards - This one i am on the fence and don't use it much since I am kind of a library guy but when I do need to buy a book I typically go to Amazon since even if they charge shipping they tend to beat this rewards club program.

Petsmart Pet Perks - With two dogs and two cats who need to eat and pee this is also a winner.

Wells Fargo ATM Advantage - 1 point for every two dollars I use my ATM card for for only $13 dollars I year I make $200 in gift cards just for using my ATM Card instead of checks or cash....which I don't use anyways.

There you go the rewards clubs on my key chain


Emily said...

Why have you not told me of this WF rewards program before?!?!

Kristi said...

Oooo, I was thinking about switching to Wells Fargo. I'll have to ask about that program.

Sarah said...

two dogs and two cats? i thought i had too many pets... ;)