Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Do I really have 99 Problems?

Can a person have 99 problems? I guess the more mo money = mo problems so maybe I just don’t make enough money to have enough problems? I guess it also depends on how you define problems. I have some issues I would like to work on, so for the sake of trying to complete this exercise I will list issues I wish I could fix as problems.
I suppose it also depends on the gain of how we define the problems for example I need to lose 20 pounds is that a probably for each pound or just a meta problem of being overweight? I will assume Jay Z take a 10,000 foot view of things so I will keep these at the meta grain. Although there is contrary evidence in the song that he is counting at a smallerl grain.

1.) Stucco Patching
2.) Back steps need replacing
3.) Garage Rebuild
4.) Main Level Floor Replace
5.) Bathroom Tile
6.) Slightly Over weight
7.) Don’t make enough money to be a baller
8.) Small “features”
9.) Don’t really like my car
10.) The whole mouth breathing thing

I guess I am better off then Jay –z since I only have ten problems and a bi tc h anint one.

I guess we would all be so lucky if these were our problems so don’t feel bad for me son

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