Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Social Circle Tides

They say that a person’s social circle changes over on average about once every seven years. As I look back on the years of my life I think that is probably close to accurate. Whereas most people might feel sad about this I think it is remarkable that we can walk this earth with so many different groups of people. We can become ghosts and memories in some circles while manifesting in others only to disappear altogether again.

Sometimes these memories are allowed to linger while other times they are exercised and removed.

While there are a few people that tend to remain cornerstones, the peripheral crowd tends to ebb and flow with difference. Like a tide going out and exposing new treasure with every cycle. I feel on the edge of a new change in circles and it is going to be interesting watching it happen. Fully aware of the transitions from manifestation to memories and awareness to manifestation.

To some it is Au revoir and to some it is hello.

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