Friday, November 04, 2011

Three Reasons I am a Bigger Geek Than I Need to Be

I am a terrible dresser. If I would take 10 minutes more to get ready in the morning and listen to my fashion forward wife I would probably look 10 times better. My biggest problem is I tend to be a function person. Working is some form of IT team for the last 10 years has afforded me the ability to look like a slob most of the time. Khakis and a button down shirt are the norm even if matching them to a similar color scheme isn’t. This is an easy fix spend a little bit of time Sunday preparing outfits and listen to those who know best.

2.)Mouth Breathing:
A broken nose that was poorly set and left a lot of cartilage jammed in the air way has turned me into a mouth breather with horrible consequences. I breath loud, I snore, I have some dragon breath at times. This is an easy but semi expensive fix I just don’t know if I can justify. Little nose job and everything can be back to normal.

3.)Introverted :
I tend to be introspective this has been escalated recently with being on the wagon. Simple fix here need to get out more……………daddy need a drink

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