Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Product Idea #25212 – Reflective E-Book Reader.

Sorry for the crude picture.

One thing that always bothers me as a slightly overweight man from the Arctic North is that when I finally do get to sit in the sun for some reading I get weird tan lines on my neck. Butt white concentric circles that just clash with the tan look I am going for.
The picture above is a proof of concept to mash two like ideas a solar reflector and an e-book reader holder.
The green 1’s are reflector panels.
It has straps to hold the reader in and a felt back to prevent the reader from overheating.
In my mock up I also devised a locking clip that keeps the readflector or e-flector in position denoted with the red like although have found that it is not really needed..
If the tint on the reflectors is correct I think that you could design it so that you wouldn’t have the glare interfere with your reading otherwise you would need glasses and just exchange nick rings for raccoon eyes.

Any good feedback? Anyone want to hook up on an idea or have an idea\ start-up circle please put me in.

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