Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Few Things I Like Breakfast Edition

Few things I like but fail to take the time to make.

1.)Eggs Benedict - Poached Eggs, Canadian bacon and Hollandaise sauce you have to be kidding me I love it. I hate making hollandaise sauce at home though and I can never get my eggs just right.

2.Biscuits and Gravy another classic that just happens to take way too much time. Made with hot sausage and thick gravy over fresh biscuits..nom nom nom

3.) Screwdriver what the hell it is the weekend…I have an on again off again love affair with the bloody mary and currently we are on a time out and screw drivers are in.

It is a curious thing I am willing to make elaborate dinners with no problem but I just get won’t spend the time to do the same on breakfast. I know I can just as easily go out for breakfast but somehow getting moving during the morning on the weekend just seems like such a low priority. Maybe that is why I like them so much when I do get them.

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