Friday, November 18, 2011


Some notes from the dry journal public for posterity.

120 Hours …5 Days
As of this evening it has been 5 days since my last drink and surprisingly I feel really good. Lots of energy, clear focused mind and not at all as edgy as expected. Sleep patterns so far have been normal and refreshing. Although I will not be stepping on a scale until another 40 days have passed I am almost certain I have lost a few pounds already. Two notes to self the increased water and increased walks seem to help immensely reduce the headaches and withdrawal impacts. Weekends are always the toughest but I think I will be fine if I stay busy and keep focused on the end prize. Lose weight, self worth, prove to yourself you can do this, the whole purpose is to become re-aware of your life and its fulfillment and to lose some weight fatty. So far I must admit I feel good and haven’t had to pass up to many events yet. +

192 Hours…8 Days
Survived a weekend alone. The say the true you is how you act when no-one is looking. The I guess the true me is awesome and full of all kinds of will power.

216 Hour…9 Days
Went to the bar for my first time with a group of people drinking. Just had soda water with a lime and didn’t feel as awkward as I thought I would. No one was looking at me funny. I didn’t really feel tempted or left out either. All of the feelings I thought I was going to have never really happened. I felt good…even I know it will be weird to say but cool. I was quieter than normal but that could have been just as much with logistics as it was with not drinking the nucleolus of the event was to my right and I was on the end and couldn’t hear very well. Overall I would say it was a success and now onto day 10

360 Hours…15 Days
Was ready to cash it all in this weekend and give it up. What devilish temping event triggered this urge to abandon my mission? Stress? Shakes? Withdrawal? Temptation by others? I was willing to chuck it all in for nothing other than pure boredom. I wonder what other people do with their lives. I figured on average using receipts from the last 3 months that not drinking saves me an average of $12 dollars a day so in 15 days I have saved $180.00. I think my biggest problem is that my mind just never shuts off. It just hums sometimes to a depressing and gloomy end. I often wonder why I am such a positive person when my mind can reach no other conclusion than this is all pointless. I also wonder if my timing of this event may be squandering a narrowing window to enjoy this brand of freedom.

504 Hours – 21 Days $252.00
Still no major concerns, feel good although weight loss has kind of leveled off at 8 pounds will need to switch it up. Went to the bar this weekend to watch football. It was not as fun admittedly but I didn’t feel bad and was under no stress about driving or finding cabs or anything it was just kind of easy, smart and responsible and actually felt good.

792 Hours – 33 Days $396.00
Only 9 pound or total weight loss but 3 inches from the waist line difference is something that I will take. My little experiment has come to an end but it is definitely an exercise I am happy I completed.

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