Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marketing Idea – Recipe Me

Almost everyone I know brings a signature dish to a party. Whether it is artichoke dip, tator tot hot dish, etc. and inevitably people are going to ask for the recipe. Why not have the recipe printed on the back of business cards you could pass out? Although this might just be a regional idea since in the Midwest potluck, football Sundays and neighborhood cookouts are almost sacred.

Other things you could personalize on the back of your business cards?

Top ten business book recommendations.

Or really any top tip list for your industry.


emily (a nutritionist eats) said...

Like. I want to see tater tot hot dish on yours!

Bill From Gainesville said...

I usually just bring Lays Potato chips or doritos when I go to pot luck type functions and they have the ingrediants if not the recipes written right on them! True story, I have lived in my apartment for almost three years and have never used my oven. Cause being a single guy I mostly eat out and when I do cook its on the stove top, the grille or the Microwave.