Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Blog?

I hear this a lot in a world of tweet s and YouTube videos. No one is commenting or reading your posts anymore so why continue? The simple answer is I do it for me.
I do it to liberate thoughts from my mind. To put my thinking, prejudices, assumptions and failings on public display for critic and ridicule. My goal in this day and age of personal branding is not to appear perfect but to become better than I am right now. This only comes with exposing recesses to light not to polishing shadows on the wall.

The biggest critic of my thoughts is my future self. Reading this idea. This mental mile post sometime in the future in a new light. Sometimes thinking of genius and sometimes wondering if I was thinking at all.
That is the beauty of this page for me. It is a mapping of my mind. As it expands and contracts. As it gets stuck in loops. As it breaks new dimensions it didn’t even know were there.

I hear concerns about the image that I am projecting. When I hear that word I shudder. Image. I think of Hollywood sets, scripted. Think about an image a still frame. Is that you? A person reduced to a logo. Catch phase in 140 characters. A stone skipping across the surface of life.

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