Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bad Driving Could Be Genentic

One of my biggest pet peeves when I am driving is people
that come to a complete stop in order to make a turn. As I was getting
ready to lose it I had an epiphany that I have yet to find out how to test

- Bad drivers have a spacial reasoning deficiency-
That is why they have to slow down so much when they turn
They are unable to negotiate in their mind as fast of the rest of us the
Impact of the turn.

There is a myth of women being bad drivers.
There has been some studies that men are better at spacial reasoning
I wonder if these items are really related.

I think there is a thesis study here if anyone wants it...



Boriquaz said...

I don't know about the women being bad drivers, I think I'm pretty damn good. I hate when people come to a stop to turn, it's like TURN ALREADY MOFO!!! I'm a road rager I just don't understand why some people drive the way they do. I hate people who ride their brakes when there is NO ONE in front of them! Ugh you got me going over here.

Rocketstar said...

No offense, but I find older asian women to be the worst drivers in my experience.

Mags said...

Brian? Are you secretly an older asian woman??

I thought of your blog post today on the way back into work after lunch-I had sandwiches and stuff for a luncheon in the back and I slowed down a lot to make the turn so they wouldn't topple over.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

I hate complete stoppers who then turn RIGHT. Seriously, cant' they gauge the turn? Morons.

Thomas said...

It sometimes pisses me off that I have such quick reflexes. Everyone else is responding and reacting much too slow for my tastes.

the108 said...

Dean is the worst driver in the world and in total denial about it.

Kelly said...

I'd prefer the slow turners to Kristi....10 MPH means 10 MPH. She once almost killed us on a pirate earring expedition. Naturally we were in the backwoods where our bodies wouldn't have been found for days, but the deer (who can totally kill you) would have feasted in the meantime on our deliciousness (and probably some left over Carls Jr. Chicken strips that Kristi hadn't finished)

Brutus said...

No problem with my capacity for spacial reasoning - I just can't see for shit and my depth perception sucks.

terri said...

I think it was in The Great Gatsby where a woman declared that women don't have to be careful when driving because all the other drivers will be careful and compensate.

I don't know why I think that. I never finished reading the book and I could be very, very wrong. But it's in SOME book, somewhere.

Kristi said...

OMG Kelly's killin me!

cher said...

rocketstar, as an old asian woman, i am so offended. wait until i tell ALL the other old asian women in this town about you! and believe me, there are lots. we could mob. just really slowly.

brian, you are cracking me right up~

oh, and you should know, i kick the roads ass when i drive. when i'm driving behind the wheel of my mpv you KNOW i'm representin

Boriquaz said...

Deer can totally kill you, thank god I found my pirate earing!