Wednesday, January 09, 2008


By now I would have smoked 8 packs of cigarettes surface savings $4.28 * 8 = $34.24
But I was a thrifty smoker and always bought two for ones so really I have only saved $17.12
But wait I have also picked up a new habit....Chapstick. I have fought my entire life to avoid this one and now in my darkest hour I have faltered to the lip rejuvenation gods. 5 sticks of blistex (assorted flavors of course $5.36 bringing my actual savings down to under $12, still not bad)

Feel Better?
Not really I have started to puke up these brown goobers. They feel kind of like a leech that hasn't shaved in a few weeks coming out of my orifices.
Smoking might have actually been keeping me alive...
Acting as a buffer of smell keeping germ infested non-smokers at bay.

I have also had a few reverse asthma attacks where I feel little too much air is coming into my lungs and I am drowning in it.

The worst side effect easily is that I feel socially awkward...I have no idea how to act around people now..I am blushing and sweating when someone talks to is just weird.

The bright side

Things are working better;) I can is kind of a trip and not always a pleasant but it is cool.


Rocketstar said...

Dude, stay away from blistex. That stuff burns your lips and makes you use more and more. Chapstick is the way to go, just wax covering your lips. My favorite is cherry because it makes my lips red and luscious.

Keep it up man, spit out those gummie bears.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Socially awkward by NOT smoking? The blushing and sweating will go away.

Another possible bright side: save money on dry cleaning.

*Ren* said...

They say you get sick after quitting but just know that the toxins are coming out so it's a good kind of sick.

Keep it up! If you didn't stop you might end up looking 40 at 31!!

Ma said...

Keep up the good work BriGuy - and heed Rockets advice to stay away from Blistex, but instead pick up some Burts Bees or something naturally nice to your lips! Instead of trading one toxin for another - treat yr body right with the good stuff!

Cheri said...

I started giving more BJs to my boyfriend when I quit... hahah jk. Bad joke about the oral fixation of smoking.

But really, it's hard to give it up. Here, cigs cost over $5 a pack so it was just too expensive. It came to be where I had to choose either buying gas or cigarettes and ultimately keeping my car going was more important than sucking face with the cancer stick.

Good luck.

Dem Soldier said...

Good for you...

U know where I stand with smoking. I is the doctor U know...:)