Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Successful Business Venture #65

Food Therapist. When you are board and broke you have to look for new ways to entertain yourself. I took an add out in Craig's list this weekend for a food therapist. Kind of like a hot line that you call when you are thinking about having a smoke except food.

Somewhere between call one and 100 I realized this is a fucking goldmine....anyone want to start a business?

All we need is a 1-900 number

(Just an aside I called the help quit smoking hotline about 30 times this weekend just to have someone to talk too, they now are blocking my number....I wish I would have recorded these sessions they were fucking hilarious.)


me said...

seriously. record that shit next time. you are not kidding about comedy gold mine.

Cheri said...

Count me in!

the108 said...

Jesus.. call me for cryin' out loud. I need the entertainment!

EC said...

LOL - Only you ;)

Boriquaz said...

I could only imagine what you came up with during one of those conversations with the quit smoking hotline.