Monday, January 28, 2008


Exposed and Other Stuff You Don't Care About...

If you are the only person playing trivia in a bar everyone knows how stupid you are.

If Profiles Were Honest..

30 year old, financially devastated, out of shape, alcoholic ass-monkey. Seeks enablers of his neurosis and narcissism. Must like to eat, drink, read and curse frequently. Freethinking strong willed people encouraged to apply.

This Weekend

Watched Mr. Woodcock, The School for Scoundrels, The Groomsman and Mr. Brooks. (Free movie rentals rock) All of them were decent rentals.

Read 200 Pages of Atlas Shrugged Still 800 to go.

Went to a banquet at Windows at the top of the IDS building.

Checked out a new club\bar\restaurant called Seven Sushi UltraLounge above the newly opened Normans and realized that my cool license has expired.


Boriquaz said...

Is Mr. Woodcock funny funny?

Brian in Mpls said...

It was ok there were some good parts but it was no bad santa.

Michelle's Spell said...

I loved the personal ad! I'd hate to write my own personal ad. Once I had students write personal ads which was really funny.

cher said...

dude. slow down. now i feel guilt. fucker.