Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brad Pitt, Herpes and the Greatest Cover-up Ever

Have you ever noticed that gossip magazines will tell you everything
From who is not wearing underwear, to who is cheating on who, to who is using
What flavored crack.

But you never hear what celebrities have which std's.

All that money and access to drugs, parties, and horny fans and you tell me none of them
Ever magically get the clap?

Would Brad Pitt or any star be the Sexiest Man alive if it was known that he had raging herpes? (Not that they shouldn't mind you)

I wounder if the magazines know this and don't report it for fear of lost revenue?

Or maybe there are magic drugs that cure the elite of STD's that is not available for the under echelons of

At any rate this clean bill of health seems to me a little too clean...


Muffy Willowbrook said...

Going public on an STD wouldn't do themselves any favors in the PR department. We'll never get to know juicy dish like that.

terri said...

Sometimes it amazes (and amuses) me, the things that go on in your head!

Boriquaz said...

LOL, who knows what those people have. Just remember you don't have to be famous to have a raging case of herpes and not tell anyone. Everything is so blase(sp?) no one cares about anything anymore.

Anonymous said...

How many gossip magazines do you read, per week?

the108 said...

This is very true. I wonder how much money these people pay those they infect to keep them quiet...LOL.

EC said...

Hell, I'd do Brad Pitt herpes or not! LOL

Brian in Mpls said...

I didn't mean this as a slam for people with STD'd trust me I have been there...

*Ren* said...

Sorry but the herps thing grosses me out!! I do not ever want it and if Brad does have it, then Angelina does too and for some odd reason that makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

Robin Williams got sued for passing on HSV2. Rhianna is rumoured to have given it to Chris Brown. Alba and Paris Hilton have been spotted buying Valtrex... the list goes on.

Anonymous said...


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