Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Free Wills Final Moment

In a willful world I find it interesting that one of the most significant acts we could choice to have control over completely surrendered to the fates.

We leave the way, how we will feel in that moment, the method, the place, the time, the aftermath almost entirely to chance.

Maybe self euthanasia is the ultimate act of free will?

The ultimate manifest destiny?


Rocketstar said...

Now I know you don't mean fate in the sense of a predestined path...

SOme do take it upon themselves to choose the final moment.

I certainly hope I get the chnace to choose mine.

We should set up euthanasia clinics, we'd make a killing.

the108 said...

and yet when I discuss this same desire on my blog, people think I'm nuts.

Must be the wording.

Mags said...

The weird thing abotu this is that I don't think I could ever help myself through this but would easily help someone I love if they were suffering and wanted to move on...

But for me it's a little bit different than you and Rocket b/c I believe in Heaven-but I still believe that it should be legal.