Friday, September 05, 2008

Five Things I Need and Save a Grown-Up Foundation

1.) A best friend who is an attorney and can help me for free.

2.) A haircut.

3.) A new set of tires and rear brakes....maybe a new set of struts if the mechanic fairy is willing.

4.) A C-Sharp developer who will do a risky project pro-bono with the potential for a good pay-off in 6-12 months.

5.) A new roof.

Or a lump sum of about 36k should do it.

I was thinking of starting a charity where wealthy people who are dying and have no kin could accept pleas for inheritance from strangers. Kind of like "Save a Child" but for grown-ups with problems. I would send them my picture and daily updates about how their money will change my life. Unfortunately hospice and long term care facilities have been very proactive in blocking my entrance to their premises so this idea has yet to fully materialize.


Rocketstar said...

Where do I send my plea?

Tara said...

Make that two of us!

Anonymous said...

Brian, you need to actually DO something to get inside, like go and actually hang out with the people there, play checkers, read to people. Nobody gets anything for free. :)

Sornie said...

Just start some fake charity but make sure it has a well-developed back story to cover your ass and you can rake in 36K in no time. But you didn't hear it from me.

h*dizzle said...

aw i like this list ..and a friend who is a lawyer is a must! my college roomie is applying to law school!

the walking man said...

My brother is an attorney and the word free is not in his vocabulary just like the words shave and haircut are not in mine.

Honestly? I used to be a master mechanic and brakes and struts are gravy jobs if you have a book and a few tools, not that hard for anyone with reasonable mechanical talent.

Your premise of "save an adult" is fine..apply for a government grant.

Mags said...

I'd aim higher. Like...$50K