Thursday, September 25, 2008

Invention Idea #254125 - Conference Call Time Saver.

I spend approximately 98.329999% of my working time sitting on conference calls listening to people talk. What I would like is a device that connects to the receiver of my phone and places a text window of everything that is being said on my computer. The software would listen for my name and then flash on the screen with the text of the last 15 seconds of the conversation.

I would also like it if this 15 seconds of conversation could be rephrased as a question.

For Example, "Just so I am clear....(insert 15 second of text here).

That will give you time to think of an answer and it would give me 98.023333% of my day back.

I also submitted this idea to Google 10^100

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Rocketstar said...

You know what's coming........ sorry man but the dream killer has to speak up as I know there are other greater idea's floating around int hat head of yours because I have heard many of them.

How would we get businesses to buy this? I don't think that they would go for it and even if you bought it, unless you have admin rights to your pc at work, you couldn't load the software.

scargosun said...

Excellent. With this financial crisis my guys are spending A LOT of time on conf calls. This would help.

Sarah said...

oh yeah, brian. you're definitely a good candidate for google's 10^100.