Friday, September 26, 2008

Pimp Lesson #8976 - Booty Prospecting Time Management

This is a lesson is prospecting your prospects for booty using the BCC function of your email.

First it is important to understand distribution groups of booty calls. Usually three buckets.

1.) People you have not slept with yet that you want to sleep with.

2.) People you have had relations with that you would like more relations with .

and a third category that would probably be called mistresses. Usually people you have had lots of relations with.

This lesson deals primarily with buckets one and two above.

Step One: Create a group in your email box with all of the people who fit in a specific bucket. (The wider the net the more fish you catch)

Step Two: Add that group to the BCC potion of your email. So that none of the recipients can see how many people it went to.

Step Three: Add a subject: "Can't stop thinking about you:)" or "How Come We Never Got Together?" or some other personally generic line even just "Hi:)".

Step Four: Message Body. Keep it personally generic. "I know this is going to sound weird but I have been thinking of you lately and wondered if you would like to get together for a drink sometime. If no that is totally fine I hope this doesn't come off creepy or anything I just didn't want to look back and say I missed the opportunity to get to know you better because I was too scared to try."

Step Five: Send. (Casting the line)

Step Six : Wait for nibbles

Step Seven: Real them in.

Step Eight: Pump and Dump

* You message and subject to bucket two is going to be different then bucket one. Try "The One That Got Away" or something like that.
* The message and the subject can vary depending on the audience.
* Careful about the co-workers.
* I used to be a pig I know.
* This lesson is for only people who have passed the advanced emotionally shallow course.
* This method also works well over texting.


Coconut said...

That is so awful!

Cory said...

I needed this tidbit of info a couple days earlier. Apparently my phone or the recipients list all the people who I text. Someone must have replied all and I got the exact same reply from two girls from different cities. The second message had a snide remark at the end letting me know I was busted. The good news is they didnt care and would probably be down for a threesome.

Rocketstar said...

This is a great idea hombre

me said...

booty isn't all you'll catch when you cast that line...

Robin said...

Hahaha! Should have used this tactic when I was single..!!!

scargosun said...

Why weren't you around giving this info out when I was single?

my name is Amanda said...

I am shocked and appalled!

Sarah said...

i can always tell when i'm on the BCC and i immediately wonder [read: know] why the sender is so secretive. sleazy.

JLee said...

"used to be" a pig? ;)

Anonymous said...

vile and minging!!!ewww you americans are so clueless and thick

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't use this for anyone who knows technology or has half a brain though. If there are no personal touches, it's lost. :)