Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Key Economic Indicators

Every morning like millions of people I drive by the gas station on the way to work. A big sign sits on the window with neon red lights that advertise the amount of various lottery jackpots. This sign is all that I need to gage the majority of the US economy and how Minnesota is doing in relation to it.

The amount of the jackpots go up at a regular pace every game that runs and no one wins. The variable amount that the jackpots go up correlates to the amount of tickets sold. I.e the more tickets sold the faster and higher the amount climbs.

We have four advertised big games in Minnesota.

One played across the Metro Area
One played across the State
One played across the Midwest
One played across the Country (I.e Power ball)

By looking at the board every day when I drive by I can instantly see how we are fairing in the economy. The correlation being that desperate people, unemployed, scared about their jobs, losing purchasing power play more when they are stressed making the jackpots bigger faster.

A neon indicator of the countries stress. Of the economy. Of pipe dreams of riches.

I wonder if they give out noble prizes for this?

I smell a thesis


houstonmacbro said...

Do people actually win the lottery? I mean, really? I have never known anyone who wins and the money they win (the ones you see on the commercials), never seems to be the actual payout amounts.

Something smell rotten...

Robin said...

To houstonmacbro - yes, people do actually win it. Our best friend won the lottery about 1o years ago: $7.5 million or somewhere in that neighborhood..crazy!

Great analysis Brian!

houstonmacbro said...

Wow. That is crazy! But great for them.

Let them know they have some long lost 2nd or 3rd cousins down in Texas that need some storm assistance right about now.

Just kidding.

We're actually doing a lot better, but power is still out.

Sarah said...

v. observant and intuitive, bri. i'd expect nothing less! :)