Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Human Mind and Entertainment Paradox

Human beings primal difference is the ability to think. To translate thoughts into actions through the use of their opposable thumbs. We have split the atom. De-coded the genome. Built massive structures. Cured diseases and traveled into space.

I am always curious that this being with all of this capacity for thought and logic primarily finds its entertainment in the form of completely shutting its ability to think off.

What do we do for fun? How do we celebrate our gift of thought?

We get wasted.
We clamor to the latest blockbuster movies where we can watch some misunderstood hero fight the forces of evil and blow a lot of stuff up on the way.
We jump out of planes.
We stand in line for carnival rides that scatter the senses.
We look for excitement often at the expense of our health, financial resources, loved ones.

Recreationally we do everything we can to avoid using our magical gift of thought....and for some reason it feels good.


Rocketstar said...

I think it is about stress relief, getting the mond to stop thinking so to speak. We spend al day long at work thinking.

Thomas said...

I agree with RocketMan. It feels good to zone out on a Valleyfair ride or a really good movie. The worries you'd been ruminating on are lost while fully engaged in escapist fare.